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izana's giveaway session

kuala lumpur

Back in October, I did an Instagram Giveaway and Izana was the lucky winner. She wasn’t able to claim the prize until March, but here it is, FINALLY!

Whenever you show up for a session, you never really know what to expect. The dynamics of each family, the personalities of the differnt individuals and how they mesh together with you. It’s different every single time. I think that’s what I love so much about photographing people. Somehow, being the person behind the lens who has the chance to capture all of this, lets you develop a special bond with them. Like you shared a special moment and got a glimpse into the life that not so many people have the chance to see. It’s a privilege to be that person and I always feel strongly connected to them for this.

This session in particular had a feeling of magic. The feeling of love between all of them. The spark of mischief but utter sweetness of the little one and oh, those cuuuuuuuuls. Mama’s pride and joy and Dad’s love of his family. These are the moments I witnessed and tried to capture for them.

Patricia Krivanek